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Become a Badass Public Breastfeeder in 7 Days: Day 6 – Covering and Comebacks

Abby Theuring, The Badass Breastfeeder, breastfeeding in public. Covering and Comebacks

Today I will discuss tips on being discrete if you should so choose. You are not required to be discrete to make others feel more comfortable, but if it makes YOU more comfortable then I fully support you. I will also discuss some various comebacks if you should happen to run into undesirable comments while breastfeeding in public.


Being Discrete

There tends to be a divide between breastfeeding mothers who cover and breastfeeding mother who do not cover. This is drama we do not need. Breastfeeding in public is a right of all mothers and all mothers need to feel free to do this however they feel comfortable. I choose not to cover and I have reasons for it, but another mother chooses to cover and she has her reasons. At the end of the day we are breastfeeding our children and that is the goal. Women have the right to breastfeed in public covered or not. Many women choose to be discrete when in public and that is your prerogative. I would like to take a moment to share some tips for being discrete if this is something that you choose. As long as we are clear that you do not HAVE to cover. You are awesome whichever you way choose because you breastfeed your baby. You are a badass breastfeeder however you choose to make breastfeeding happen for you and your baby.



You can accomplish being discrete by what location you choose to breastfeed your baby. Many public places have private rooms for breastfeeding mothers. You may need to ask, but even if they do not have a room like this you may be directed to an office or cozy break room. You can walk around for a few minutes wherever you are and size the place up. You might find that there is a section that is less populated than the others. You can choose a chair that is facing away from a crowd or place yourself inside a group of friends. Be sure to always to be looking at your baby so as not to start to think that people are staring when they may not be looking at you at all.



Nursing tops can add an extra level of protection in public. Nursing tops have secret passageways to your breasts that allow you to not have to pull your shirt up or down. You can also use a breastfeeding cover, but it is important to remember that they can cause more attention to be drawn to you than if you were to work with what you already have on your body. A light scarf can be draped down your chest. Wearing layers can also help create barriers between the public and your breasts. Putting a hat on our baby will allow the baby’s head to create a large barrier. You can also take an old tank top or t-shirt and cut holes right over your nipples then wear another top or cardigan. This way when you latch your baby on, nothing will show at all. People will likely think your baby is cuddling your chest or sleeping.



Breastfeed your baby before you leave your house to make sure she has a full belly and you will have enough time to get cozy and situated before she begins to feel hunger pains. You can use a baby carrier as discussed earlier which can act as a cover in and of itself. Practice your techniques in front of a mirror or friend to get comfortable before going outside. Remember that you are most discrete when you are just going about your normal activities. Nothing draws more attention than someone fidgeting around. Just act natural and people will be far less likely to even notice what you are doing at all.




I have never had a negative experience while nursing in public, but this has not stopped me from preparing myself in every way that I can. I believe that the more prepared you are the more confident you are. There is nothing worse than the feeling of someone saying something to you and not being prepared with a comeback. You will spend all day thinking of all the things you should have said in the moment! I have put together a short list of various comebacks to help you get started with choosing a few of your favorites. But before we begin, this is for fun. You are not required to engage anyone who is being negative toward you. Keep you and your baby safe first and foremost.



•          “Put a blanket over your head.”

•          “How would you like to eat in a toilet?”

•          “You’re an adult, you can handle a little discomfort; my baby can’t”

•          “Would you rather my baby scream of hunger?”

•          “You must be staring at my adorable baby”

•          “I care far more about what is best for my baby than I care about your opinion.”

•          “I saw far more boob on the cover of GQ magazine this morning!”

•          “Your staring is far ruder than anything I’m doing”



•          “Covering up perpetuates the idea that I am doing something wrong, and I will not be a part of that myth.”

•          “Telling me to cover up and remain hidden inside is a way to control me and my fellow women.”

•          “It’s natural for children and men to be curious about something they don’t often see; I’m Ok with that.”

•          “Pumping can diminish my supply and bottles can create nipple confusion; I cannot take that risk.”

•          “Covering my baby can prevent her from receiving enough oxygen.”

•          “I know my rights and I have the right to be here.”



•          “Breastfeeding works well for me and my family.”

•          “Thank you for your concern; I’m quite comfortable right here.”

•          “My baby has a right to eat, just as you do, whenever and wherever she is hungry.”

•          “We can’t afford formula or bottles.”

•          “My doctor said this is what I should do.”

•          “Breast is best!”


The toddler

•          “Yes, I’m still breastfeeding and it’s still none of your business.”

•          “The natural age of weaning for humans is somewhere between 2 and 7 years old.”

•          “The World Health Organization recommends exclusively breastfeeding for 6 months and to a minimum of 2 years old with supplementary foods.”


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