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“You’re Making Me Feel Guilty”

Sharing information is not an attack on you. It is not designed to make you feel guilty. In fact, NOT sharing information is a direct attack on our authority as parents. Not having information is directly related to many of our regretful parenting decisions (certainly for me).

Fact: formula use comes with risk. If you decide to use it then I support you and you are a great mom, but do not make that decision as I did, based on lies from corporations and misinformation from medical professionals. Make an informed decision, one that you will remain confident about forever. I am not criticizing you. I am criticizing corporations and medical professionals for perpetuating lies in pursuit of the bottom line.

The mission of this page is rooted in my early breastfeeding experiences, the experiences that nearly ended my breastfeeding journey because I didn’t have any information. Information is vital to our power as parents and women in our mission to protect our children. We are stronger now that we have this information.

If you choose to reject this information this is your right, but do not suggest that I shouldn’t share it. Not sharing information is a tactic for keeping the masses ignorant and controllable. This is not what we want for ourselves.

The next time you feel compelled to type, “you’re making me feel guilty,” please stop and consider what it is you are trying to say. I understand that we all have different stories and they are often difficult for us to stomach, but do not make me responsible for your guilt. I am not an authority over you, don’t give me that power. Let’s leave the past in the past. Let’s move on with all of this great information, let’s share with each other and new moms who still have the chance to make informed decisions.


  1. I think proud breastfeeding parents can intensely relate to your feelings about this. Anytime I say something supporting breastfeeding Moms I worry who’s feelings I might be hurting.
    I’m hoping we, as a community can find the right ways to involve non-breastfeeders into the breastfeeding support community.
    It’s the women with the deepest regrets for not breastfeeding that are the first ones to flame the #breastisbest movements.
    I hope they learn their role as victims of bad information, misperceptions, and lack of support is SO important in helping other families with successful breastfeeding experiences.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you!! I welcome any and all info!! I keep what I like it relate to and the rest I throw away! I don’t make something anyone says or does differently than me make me feel like I’m not doing it right! I can’t understand why moms think that of each other . This really bothers me and I get so annoyed when I have to watch what i say or the info I give . So thank you for that 🙂

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