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Whisbear, The Humming Bear: Review and Giveaway

I was completely oblivious about babies when I had my first son, Jack. I was the first of my friends to have a baby and I was a pre-teen when my sister was born so I was much more concerned about boys than her crying and dirty diapers. Jack was the first baby I had ever really held.


The first night home with Jack my husband and I felt vulnerable. Jack was fussy and didn’t sleep for any stretch of time. We didn’t know what to do. We just knew that we were supposed to meet every single need he had. If only we could figure out what he needed!

We took turns holding him, rocking him and pacing with him. He fussed and fussed. We both had the same reflexes when holding him. We moved gently however we could, rocking, pacing, jiggling or swaying. And we both made a “sssshhhh” sound. We were not trained to do any of this. It just came over us when we were passed the baby. It was a natural reflex.


I noticed that after hours of this my mouth would get tired and dry. One of those things that no one ever tells you about before having babies! We quickly jumped on the white noise machine bandwagon and fast forward 6 years our white noise machine is as stable a presence in our home as the dresser it sits on.

The first few we had were not loud enough. White noise mimics the sound of the womb and helps soothe a baby by recreating that safe and calm environment. In my opinion the quiet ones don’t do much. And I was recently told by my beloved friend and sleep consultant that the white noise machine should be as loud as when you are in the shower.


I was impressed when I tried out Whisbear, The Humming Bear. The thing that mattered most to me was how loud it was. And it’s loud at full volume, but you can adjust it with the round knob to make it exactly how you feel comfortable. It’s also easy to keep it right near baby no matter where baby is or what you are doing. It was created by two moms so you know it’s already been tested by the ones that know! And it’s really cute and soft so babies love to hold and play with it. As a matter of fact when it first arrived my 6-year-old, Jack, (that newborn baby from the beginning of this story!) put his head on it on the couch and wouldn’t give it back.


White noise is said to help babies fall asleep quicker, reduce stress, reduce crying and block outside noises. And it has the same benefits for parents! The Whisbear is shaped like a bear and its front legs and back legs act as supports to any thin edge such as the side of a crib, bassinette or that baby box in the hospital. It can also easily be hung on a stroller or even your shoulder or arm! It’s also just as easy to lie it down near baby and older babies can safely cuddle it in their arms.

Whisbear, The Humming Bear is a cuddly, stylish and intelligent teddy bear that helps babies sleep better all over Europe and now it’s making its debut in the US! Whisbear is giving away a Humming Bear to one lucky badass! All you have to do is click the Rafflecopter link below!

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Visit www.whisbear.com for more details and follow them on Facebook for promos and updates. Whisbear is available on Amazon and coming to Babies’R’Us. You can also find Whisbear on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.


***This giveaway is restricted to the US and Canada***

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