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Tandem Nursing in a Ball Pit

Abby Theuring, The Badass Breastfeeder, tandem nursing in a ball pit

Jack (4.5 years) and I started a game where we fell into the foam pit backwards. Exley (18 months) started to join in. One of the times Exley came over and flopped onto my chest. He pulled at my shirt, Jack saw this and yelled, “boobie time!” They both latched on for about a minute and then I said, “ok, that’s good!” And then we started to play again.

Now let the games begin. Let me hear the comments about how it’s inappropriate to breastfeed in this location, how they should wait, how it might offend someone, how it’s unsanitary.

I did not allow them to latch on because they were desperate to eat or they couldn’t wait. I let them latch on because they were having fun. Breastfeeding is part of their life. They do not compartmentalize it the way others expect them to. It’s a part of our relationship. They thought of it all on their own and were making all parts of our relationship a part of this fun time. As far as it being unsanitary, I’m pretty sure my nipple was the cleanest thing in that pit.

Did anyone notice? I don’t know. Was anyone offended? I don’t care. The only thing I worried about was if any kids were waiting to jump in. There wasn’t so we went with it. The only reason anyone would find this strange is because breastfeeding is not normalized in our culture. If a parent and their child hugged in the pit, gave each other a kiss, high fived, snuggled or anything else no one would think twice. Breastfeeding in my house is a normal as all of those things.

Let’s face it, this isn’t going to last much longer. I need to take what I can get while they are still little. I care far more about these moments than a society that is backwards about boobs. I dream that one day everyone around the breastfeeding mother would understand that.