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Protocol for Biting When Breastfeeding

Jack with his mouth open to bite you!
When your baby bites, pull their face into your breast quickly so their nose is blocked. This will cause them to open their mouths to get a breath. Baby will let go without you having to rip your nipple out. Look them in the eyes with a pained expression on your face, and say, “ow, that hurt mommy, ow.” I found it seemed to help a lot if I gently touched the baby’s teeth/gums at this point, so they understand what you mean. Once you have clearly communicated with your child, resume breastfeeding. Do this consistently every time they bite, and your babe will get it.
Remember that they are not actually trying to hurt you. Don’t ever yell or sound angry, or reject them by putting them down; you are more likely to scare them and no one can learn while they are scared. A lot of advice that circulates for this problem can be the perfect prescription to induce a nursing strike–no fun for anyone!
Another possible result of this type of reaction is the kid thinks its a game because he/she gets a big reaction. Either way not the result you want!
By Alice Romolo