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Breastfeeding Critics

Abby Theuring, The Badass Breastfeeder, tandem nursing

My Dear Critic,

I posted this photo on Instagram, that social media platform with the reputation of being drama-free. I received comments such as, “that’s disgusting,” “so gross,” “you’re sick,” etc. Nothing we haven’t heard before on social media, where people can comment without having to face you. I realized while reading the comments that I doubt anyone can say anything to me at this point that I haven’t already heard. The fact is that you, My Dear Critic, refuse to examine your own feelings, you refuse to accept responsibility for your own feelings, you are afraid of what you don’t understand, you are afraid to challenge your stale beliefs. You have nothing of use to say, you sling insults, brainless and thoughtless words that waste our time and prove your ignorance and fear.

One time an old friend said to me, “So, you’re going to hold a one woman revolution?” No, no, My Dear Critic, it’s not just me. There are thousands, dare I say millions, of us out there with our fists in the air. But it is true, this is a revolution, a revolution against the mainstream, stereotypes, cultural norms, the status quo and institutions that make us doubt ourselves. This is indeed a revolution, if we were face to face, I have no fear of this encounter, I would be standing tall in front of you, looking you directly in the eye and offering you the opportunity to open your mind.