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Mother Banned from Elementary School for Breastfeeding

On the morning of November 5, 2014 Maegan Rae Shoemaker says that she was banned from James E. Plew Elementary School in Niceville, Florida for breastfeeding her baby. She contacted the Equal Opportunity Specialist for Okaloosa County Schools and he asked her to provide him a written statement of the events. Here is her written statement.


Dear Steve,

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me earlier this morning. As requested, here is a detailed letter about my experience at Plew Elementary School with Principal McAllister.

I attended the regularly scheduled Mile Club event with my niece, as I have done every Wednesday since the fall school semester started in 2014. After her Mile Club was over, I decided to keep walking for additional exercise while awaiting the mile club of my nephew to begin.

My 8.5 month old exclusively breastfed daughter was getting hungry, so I decided to take a few mins to feed her on the bleachers set up next to the track. I first took her off my back, and used the soft structured carrier that she was riding in, as a cover. I pulled down my shirt and attached her to my breast while being conscious that no one could see. After she was finished eating. I pulled up my shirt and removed the carrier as it was blocking the line of sight from all the children.

I received a tap on my shoulder and turned to see Mrs. McAllister standing there. She told me that she received a complaint from a parent and asked if I would agree to use a cover while breastfeeding on the schools’ property for the future. Flabbergasted, I nodded my head in agreement, and she proceeded to walk away.

After a couple minutes of quiet contemplation, I felt impressed to go and notify her that Florida Law permits me to breastfeed anywhere that I myself am permitted to be, with or without a cover.


As I entered the office, she was talking to the receptionist and a lady behind her in a desk as well. As I entered I smiled and notified her that I will not honor her request to cover up my baby. I told her that I myself do not eat under a cover and so refuse to feed my child under one. She told me that I either need to do that or that she would provide another location away from the children for me to breastfeed in.

I asked here where that would be, and she stated that I could have fed my baby under the pavilion close by on a picnic bench. I was surprised that she would still have me unexposed on school property, and merely reiterated that she was unlawful in her request. She proceeded to say that “I am not going to argue with you, but you are not welcome on this property if you are going to do that.” “Do what?” I asked her, “Breastfeed?” “I never said you can’t breastfeed”, she said. “Then what is the, “THAT” which you are referring to since you are being unclear and vague?” I asked. She then avoided the question and said that she is trying to protect the children. I proceeded to tell her that the parents shouldn’t be sexualizing the breast, while I am sitting there using it for its intended purpose and being persecuted. Then she said “Excuse me” about 4 times as I was reiterating the legality of her request. “I am not going to argue with you”, she said again. Then she asked for my name and I refused to give it to her. I told her I was not arguing, but will be notifying the authorities.

As I turned to walk out the door, I could hear her calling for Deputy Thomas to be paged, and continued to hear them call her over the intercom. I walked down the street and was nearly 2 blocks away from the school, when Deputy Thomas and Mrs. McAllister pull up in the Sherriff car. I told the Deputy that I refuse to talk to Mrs. Mcallister further. As I turned to walk away, Deputy Thomas said she wasn’t finished with me yet, so I turned back around and stood awaiting her request. Deputy Thomas proceeded to tell me that I was no longer allowed on school property. When I asked her why, she answered that the Principal is allowed to prohibit someone from the property and is not required to state the reason, but that it could be for something as simple as exhibiting violence. I replied that I was not being violent and that it was illegal to ban a mother from a school property because of breastfeeding.

Mrs. McAllister chimed in that she wasn’t telling me that I couldn’t breastfeed, to which I responded that she was. Deputy Thomas took down my Name, Date of Birth, Address, and Social Security Number (Which she had to ask me for twice because I refused to give it to her the first time) She proceeded to radio the information in and check for my understanding as to what the trespass ordinance meant. I advised her that I still walk to pick up my Niece from school, and that if they would notify her, I will be in the church parking lot across the street from now on. Deputy Thomas agreed that she would tell her, and we turned from each other and walked away.

I feel that Mrs. McAllister is ok with me breastfeeding as long as I follow all her terms on school property. Those terms are not lawful to request. I am now unfairly prohibited from a school property and feel like this is an unjust solution. I am active with the school, attend parent teacher conferences, mile club, book fair events/spanish nights and bring my niece medicine for her health and bring her lunches as well.

Please help us figure out a better solution.

Thank you for your investigation and help,

Maegan Rae Shoemaker


Ms. Shoemaker says that she also contacted the Okaloosa Sheriff’s Department. She has yet to hear back from the law enforcement agency or the school. She has also left messages for the ACLU and the NIP Hotline (1-855-NIP-FREE).

News stories:

NWF daily News


UPDATE: 11-9-14

Ms. Shoemaker has been advised that the trespassing order will be rescinded, but is still waiting for the school to submit the necessary paperwork to the Sheriff’s Department.

A Nurse-In has been schedule for 11-10-14 at 6pm CST at the school board meeting taking place at 120 Lowery Place SE, Fort Walton Beach, Florida 32548. 

James E. Plew Elementary School has reportedly shut down their phone lines as well as disabled posts to their Facebook page and continually deleted comments regarding the situation.

Ms. Shoemaker was hand delivered this letter…


Upon receipt of this letter Ms. Shoemaker was asked if she was in agreement. She stated that she was not in agreement and asked that the school issue an official apology, rescind the trespassing order, train staff and add breastfeeding laws to parent/teacher handbooks.

Ms. McAllister has stated that she has received nothing but positive feedback about her actions. Since we know that this is not true, Ms. Shoemaker encourages everyone to copy the media when e-mailing Ms. McAllister your respectful messages. Ms. McAllister can be reached at [email protected] and please copy  [email protected] or [email protected]

Ms. Shoemaker recreated the breastfeeding scene from that day in this photo.


***A note about the accusations of her behavior and being called “belligerent;” Breastfeeding is a controversial topic in the US as we have been able to see from this story and many others. Breastfeeding mothers often feel vulnerable and on the defense. Breastfeeding in public adds another layer to these feelings. While we would like to say that we would act perfectly in the face of harassment  many of us would admit that we may become emotional. Ms. Shoemaker’s behavior after being harassed is a result of the harassment; it is not independent of the situation and she cannot be judged solely on that. The incident began with breastfeeding harassment. That is what this story is about and why I advocate for mothers. 


UPDATE: 11/14/14

Ms. Shoemaker reports that the nurse-in went well. Another nurse-in will be held on December 8th when she will be on the agenda to speak with the school board. The school has lifted the ban(with conditions) and made it into a warning. The school has not issues an apology. The superintendent refused a meeting with Ms. Shoemaker stating that the issue has already been resolved.


***This post will be updated as Ms. Shoemaker’s story unfolds. 


  1. Elizabeth Sorrells says

    This is outrageous and I hope and pray all school and police officials involved are reprimanded and educated on how to handle situations in the future. I’m so sorry for this momma!!

  2. This is disgusting. I hope she files a lawsuit she had every right to feed her baby covered or not however she and baby are most comfortable.

  3. Straight from the Florida Statutes:

    383.015 Breastfeeding.—The breastfeeding of a baby is an important and basic act of nurture which must be encouraged in the interests of maternal and child health and family values, and in furtherance of this goal:
    (1) A mother may breastfeed her baby in any location, public or private, where the mother is otherwise authorized to be, irrespective of whether the nipple of the mother’s breast is uncovered during or incidental to the breastfeeding.

  4. This is so ridiculous! We live in hernando fl my children are in grade school and i dare anyone to request i cover while feeding my child!

  5. silverhawkwarrior says

    This mother is 100% in the right. The school has the right to ban whom it will for disruptive behaviors, BUT breastfeeding is specifically protected from such bans. Not her fault this educator and sheriff know so little about the law.

    Mama, here’s hoping your baby is thriving and is already growing up to be smarter and kinder than these unfortunate fellow citizens.

  6. I nip all the time at kids school with no problem its our right. Pray for this mommy…

  7. Although the story told is that she was kicked off campus for breastfeeding, in fact, she was permitted to continue breastfeeding on campus and in no way coerced. Free speech says the principal can ASK the woman to cover up. This breastfeeding mother could’ve just said “no, it’s my right” and continued to breastfeed. Instead, she went into the office afterwards and started yelling and cursing at the secretary and principal. For that she was asked to leave the campus. Then she refused and was given a trespass warning. Florida’s trespass statute is draconian, but if you’re at my house yelling at me, I’ll give you one, too. Maybe if you go back and apologize for being a jerk, she’ll apologize for nicely asking you to cover up.

    • 1. She was not cursing in the office she was stating that she would not cover in the future 2. She was off campu by two blocks when they gave her the trespassing notice, so she obviously did not refuse to leave. They followed her which is harassment on their part.

    • I didn’t see anywhere that the mother was violent or cursing at anyone. Ive thankfully never had a problem breastfeeding in public, but if someone requested me to go somewhere else or cover my baby it would make me mad too. I think the mother reacted in a justified manner. She’s a mother. The principal was messing her baby’s well being. What do they expect?

    • Elizabeth Sorrells says

      Tony since it sounds like you were there, maybe you should msg Abby your side of the story or the newspaper. Please don’t come here to a site that supports breastfeeding and a mothers right by law to do so with these lies. Even the principal in her side of the story never said the mother cursed. As stated by CJ above she was well off campus by the time the trespassing was issued, therefor she wasn’t refusing to leave. She also initially agreed to cover in the future but as that was an off guard response and she was upset the more she thought about it the more she realized she was protected by law. That is why she went and asked to speak with the principal, who told her she wasn’t willing to argue with her about it, she would cover or she wasn’t welcome back.

    • Did you even read the whole story?

  8. Hey Folks,

    This is absolutely outrageous, and eye witness accounts have already corroborated parts of it.

    One thing I would like to suggest is that instead of posting on the school’s FB wall (which will be removed just as fast as they can manage) that you instead send a copy of the Florida Statue, and a polite request that the schools follow it, to the Okaloosa County School District Superintendent.

    She has her contact info here: http://www.okaloosaschools.com/category/contact-superintendent-schools

    You can email board members here: http://www.okaloosaschools.com/district/school-board-members

    Note email addresses are considered public info in Florida, if you choose that route.


  9. Nice to hear the mom’s actual story the local paper dramatized it quite a bit. 🙁

  10. I’m so sorry for you mama! People will remain ignorant, we just have to support each other and educate those that will hear us! We aren’t criminals for breastfeeding, we aren’t trying to show our breast to anyone, breastfeeding isn’t easy, people need to understand we do it for our babies and we shouldn’t be attacked for choosing the healthiest way to nourish our children. You were within your rights, you are beautiful and I’m sorry you are dealing with this nonsense. Just know you are not alone mama! We are here to support you through this!

  11. John Taylor says

    The principal’s email: [email protected]
    Just sent her my thoughts.

  12. Silent protest of nursing moms tomorrow?

    • Elizabeth Sorrells says

      Nurse in scheduled for 7:30am Monday the 10th. This coming Monday in the church parking lot across from the school.

    • Elizabeth Sorrells says
      • Dear Moms,
        I understand your wanting to do what is best for your baby. I, too, was a breastfeeding mom. My child never took a bottle so I know the challenges of meeting the needs of our babies while respecting others around us. I am also a teacher. I also understand the challenges of keeping the focus of students on education throughout the school day. I have been in a fifth grade classroom. Individually, most students are kind and respectful and able to understand nature and the relationship between mother and child. Collectively, it is a different story. Even the best of children get caught up in the moment when a distraction occurs. If I am out in a public place with my 10 year old, it would be an educational moment to see a mother nursing. On a PE field with possibly 100 students, that opportunity doesn’t exist. I can only imagine the comments. I think this is what is missing from this conversation. In our society that is focused on our rights, we forget to ask ourselves is it what is best in this situation. A school is not truly a public place. It is a place of learning. I ask you ladies to please re-think your protest for the sake of the students and teachers at that school. My favorite saying to my own children and my students is “just because I can, doesn’t always mean I should.” Sometimes it is not all about “me.”

        • So Betsy, you’re saying that a mother feeding her baby a bottle on school property should not do it either, right? Too much of a distraction to see a baby eating? Get real. Just having a baby there could be called a distraction because kids love babies. However that child chooses to eat should make no difference. Children should also be used to seeing how babies are meant to be fed anyway, it’s unbelievable that there are still so many prudes who think that a child shouldn’t see it. I hope those parents make their children avert their eyes when a bottle is whipped out.
          I also wish the mothers that choose to formula feed (not have to formula feed but actually choose to do so) would listen to your words. (Sometimes it is not all about “me”.) Don’t push those words on a poor baby that is hungry and eating the way nature intended.

          • You are right. Having younger siblings and even parents on campus is a disruption. It sounds like this school is very family friendly by allowing family members who aren’t even guardians access to the school even when their family member isn’t present at that time. At my school no one is allowed to interact with students that hasn’t been through volunteer screening and TB tested. The law does state that breastfeeding is allowed in any way where the mother is allowed to be…. I am happy to see that you chose not to protest at the school, however, the only outcome you may accomplish is having this activity or visitors in general discontinued at this school. Being on a school campus is a privilege and not a right. This issue or any other issue that isn’t education related should not be taking up the time of this administration. Yes, both sides probably should have handled it differently, but it is done and needs to be dropped. And if being raised to put others before self and not feeling so entitled to my opinions above others makes me a “prude”, than I will wear that banner proudly. There is no place at school for disrespect, name calling, or activism.

        • So… in Abby Theuring’s words: saying “I support breastfeeding, but….” means you DON’T support breastfeeding.

  13. The school district ethics officer should also be called on behalf of this mom… He can do an investigation, but the mom needs to have her ducks in a row because it seems that the principal, secretaries, and SRO are already all in agreement.

    • Elizabeth Sorrells says

      She did send the letter above to the equality officer. I haven’t heard of the ethics officer though, thank you.

  14. Question ladies… If a man was to begin to urinate in public and in the process exposed his penis to your children would you not be outraged? Even though it is a natural process that must take place we still do it in privacy, behind closed doors. So why would staying covered while in the presence of children be such a negative thing? Not that it’s not natural not that it’s not necessary but just for modesty sake. What is the harm in that?

    • Embarrassedforoursociety says

      You’re kidding, right?

      • Jennifer, Milk does not come from my genitals. Please do not confuse them for the manner in which these devices were intended.

    • She’s protected by law. They should never have even mentioned anything to her. Not to mention she was covered. She had her child in a soft structure carrier which would block anyone’s view.

    • Elizabeth Sorrells says

      You eat in public right? Yes me too. You pee in public? No me neither. Anymore questions? Okidoky then 🙂

    • Dang Jennifer. In my community urinating in public and exposing your penis is illegal. I had no idea that Florida law protected men exposing themselves in the event of public urination. Good to know. (yes, that’s sarcasm. Maybe you should read the law, and have a lesson in logic.)

    • Who equates breastfeeding with sexual organs? Do you eat from either of those? Yeah me either. Do you go to the bathroom to eat? Nope not me (or anyone I know for that matter) Do you eat with a blanket hiding you? Yeah I don’t either and neither of my children do. Peo

    • Who equates breastfeeding with sexual organs? Do you eat from either of those? Yeah me either. Do you go to the bathroom to eat? Nope not me (or anyone I know for that matter) Do you eat with a blanket hiding you? Yeah I don’t either and neither of my children do.

    • Krissy Manwaring says

      How can people even begin to compare a man taking a pee and flashing his genitals, to a mother feeding her child. That is so outrageous. Perhaps the problem is, why don’t children already know breasts as a sign of nourishment and comfort as oppose to sexual objects??? Mine certainly do. Why must we keep their function a secret but plaster their sexual appeal all over the place?

      The comparison you have made is disgusting and insulting, i hope you see that now.

    • Please tell me you are kidding. You cannot possibly be that ignorant can you?

  15. We just moved from the panhandle and I thankfully have never experienced anything like this while BF my little man who is also never covered! These women need to be reprimanded and educated ESPECIALLY Deputy Moron who treated this mama like a criminal kudos to her for standing up for herself! I’d jump right into a silent protest Cindi!

  16. I sure hope that there are surveillance cameras that will prove this principle and her minions who are exaggerating this story. Funny how people in “power” become so threatened by people who simply stand up for their rights. Chasing her down the street off of school property is just more over-reacting by the school and the security people. Wish there were other witnesses who don’t work for the principle to testify. I hope the school district forces an apology or replaces this principle.

  17. another mom says

    It seems a lot of judging is being done on all parts. Unless you were there, you shouldn’t judge either side. You should only support your beliefs. Name calling is not necessary.

  18. Hunny I feel your pain, I was in darn near the same situation.. I was beyond frustrated that I actually pulled my son out of school over it. Then the district offered me another school that the classroom was FOR breastfeeding. I’m not going to get into detail over it but just wanted you to know your not alone here. I’m in PA and had to call the defeat on it.. It is so very sad that people can’t see what breastfeeding really is.. FEEDING YOUR CHILD!

  19. Just letting you know that this angry Canadian mama fully supports ALL mother’s right to breastfeed any time or place, or manner her baby needs her to. We’re with you!
    And if you’ve never read this woman – she’s amazing. In honor of fearless public nursing:


  20. I would like to say that this is very upsetting to hear about. I have been a exclusive breastfeeding mom for the last 21 months, and breastfed all 4 of my others. My daughter still nurses and is on solid foods or course but at this point because of her age we nurse at home only. When she was younger up till about 13 months or so, I did however nurse her wherever and whenever she was hungry if I was in public. The park, etc. When your infant is hungry people need to realize that it is a mother’s natural instinct to feed our babies with a bottle or breast. My daughter hated bottles, and refused them when I was around. And honestly I preferred her to not use a bottle. The principal should apologize to the mother. We as mothers do not want to intentional show our breasts to others. We just want to feed our babies. All of my children (including my step kids) understand that I am just feeding their sister and by no means should they feel uncomfortable. They also sit next to me during nursing, we talk and they tell me about their day. I do no openly sit with my shirt, nor breast exposed. And I am 100% sure that this mother did not as well. If children are curious tell them what they see. A mother feeding her baby. Its that simple. Kids are curious, so explain to them what is a normal, everyday occurrence.

  21. If breastfeeding is so bad, I think bottle feeding should be banned also. The end of the bottle is SHAPED like a nipple! Would they allow someone to carry something around that was shaped like a penis or vagina (if we are lumping them in the same category which they are not!) seriously this is just a sad case of people in power with an inferiority comlex.

  22. Does anyone know what the okaloosa’s school board has to say about the principals actions? Just throwing it out there that the public is allowed to the board meetings and they are televised.

    • The school board has shut their phone off. If anyone cares to call, the number is 850-301-3024.

      • I sent an email. This is a copy.
        Good Afternoon Ms. McAllister,

        I recently read an article about in incidence that occurred at your school in regards to breast feeding in public. In the state of Florida is is legal to breast feed a child in any public establishment. According to Florida State breast feeding law “383.015 Breastfeeding.—The breastfeeding of a baby is an important and basic act of nurture which must be encouraged in the interests of maternal and child health and family values, and in furtherance of this goal:
        (1) A mother may breastfeed her baby in any location, public or private, where the mother is otherwise authorized to be, irrespective of whether the nipple of the mother’s breast is uncovered during or incidental to the breastfeeding.”

        This means that is you request that a mother cover up while she is breast feeding or force her to leave your school you are indeed the one breaking the law. I am a Registered Nurse in NY State and a mother of 3 who has successfully breast feed all three of my children. I live in within the suburbs to New York City and am willing to hedge my bets that we have a far larger population here than you do in your town. I have an 11 year old, a 7 year and and a 14 month old who is still breast feeding before naps and at bedtime. I have never and will never cover up while nursing and I have been fortunate enough to never run be put in a situation where either ignorance or lack or knowledge led someone to ask me to cover.

        Regardless of what you did with your own children or whether or not seeing a woman feed her child in the way God intended us to makes you uncomfortable, you do not and will not ever have the legal right to force those narrow views upon others.

        I sincerely hope you have learned from all of this since this reflects poorly on your school district. Breast feeding is not a lewd or lascivious act. It is simply feeding a child and unfortunately the people in this country have taken something very beautiful and attempted to sexualize it. We are never too old learn from our mistakes, hopefully you feel the same.

  23. I think perverts with lack of self control have made womens breast sex objects. it is just skin like us guys. get over it!

  24. Kelly Stevens says

    Notice in the response letter from the principal there is absolutely no mention of breastfeeding. She only addressed the woman’s behavior in the office, which wouldn’t have occurred if she hadn’t been discriminated against for feeding her baby. From this story, it seems the woman was being harassed, even after leaving the school premises.

  25. Brenda Holland-Robinson says

    The very idea that the principal of a school as well as a law enforcement officer are unable to own up to their ignorance of nursing-in-public law helps me understand why children aren’t learning how to take responsibility for their actions. Unforgivable! Good on this mom for standing up for her AND her baby’s rights.

  26. Mommas have the right to feed their babies whenever wherever period! If you don’t like it don’t look it’s not hard teach your children that it is normal to breastfeed a baby. It is truly sad that we have to have laws that protect a nursing mother. And I have to back up Robert and say it’s just skin get over it!

  27. Deborah Seigman says

    Overall, breastfeeding is a mutually beneficial practice for the physical and emotional health of mother and child. In countries where women have been baring their breasts for the purpose of titillation in advertisements, however, breasts have become narrowly classified as erotic objects of puerile desire. As I was breastfeeding one of my babies in my own house, I heard the screen door close and looked up to see five children, walking slowly across my living room and then out the door again, as my oldest son, then about six, seriously instructed them by saying, “There! I told you that is what they are for.” Obviously, there was some reference made to another purpose for them or even another, less accurate name for them that was never spoken in our house.

  28. Jan Christian says

    I want everyone to know I was on school property at that time. I breast fed all my children and I cover up around other kids.
    This mother had exposed her breast. She was very visible to all the children outside. And there were over 100 children at PE. If you are going to breast feed in public then you need to properly cover up.
    I personally did not want my children to see her breasts. I would say the majority of our parents all agree with the actions of our principal. She should have just covered up properly and then there would be no issues.

    • LOOK! The tattle tale has come foward! The mom who couldn’t talk to a mom who’s breastfeeding and instead had to get perceived authority figures involved has shown her face here!
      Sorry, Jan, but you are WRONG! The principal is WRONG! The LAW gives breastfeeding moms the right to breastfeed in public anywhere they are legally allowed to be. There is no stipulations in the LAW about discretion. What the principal did was ILLEGAL! That’s why the principal is now trying to backstep and make it not about breastfeeding. (Which means you are not helping her out by coming out supporting her illegal action and reciting what she did. Because regardless of your feelings, the LAW is on breastfeeding mama’s side.)

  29. Glad nobody felt the need to “stand their ground” in this situation. C’mon people, let my people feed!

  30. Bonnie Yagiela says

    It seems to be taking forever for our society to consider breastfeeding a normal part of our prudish culture. I give her credit for pointing out her rights as a breastfeeding mother. What I personally would have done differently is bring out the “poison pen” as my husband calls it. I happen to be much more eloquent with my words than with speech. I would’ve gone home and written the principle a letter that would’ve left her in shame! I would’ve included copies of the laws, examples of cultural norms in other countries, articles detailing the psychological ramifications of embarrassing a nursing mother, and so on. Then I would’ve made sure she knew that the school board was getting the information, too. Finally I would let her know the next step I’d take if the incident happened again which would be legal ramifications. I’m pretty sure there wouldn’t be any more said about it. Approaching the Principle right after the incident occurred was too soon, when the emotions on both sides were too defensive to think clearly. I don’t blame her for pointing out the principle was wrong, though. It’s a shame it escalated to the level it did.

  31. Hi Maegan, just wanted you to know your story has reached Australia and is featuring in a thread on a local parenting website. Please keep up the good fight and eventually we will shut down the ignorant and prejudiced fools that are so threatened by breastfeeding.

  32. heres my opinion from a christian man who i think that this mom has a right to breast feed where ever and when ever she wants i think that poor miss shoemaker is allowed to take care of her beautiful child where she wishes and that the few of you people who have used vulgar language making your points, and where it came to cussing someone else out, do u think that your real classy. no u are vulgar and rude, may God have mercy on your soul and take ur troubles out on someone not where the world has to read or hear it please if u have to use vulgar talk—to the moms, mothers should be able to care for their kids where they feel safe, feeding/diaper changing, napping, u name it. to maegan shoemaker, may God bless you and your family and im sorry this whole event happened. im praying for u and your family. some people who typed things on here, the principal of the school and the officer are full of junk. she has nothing to do but be nasty, just like people ive met before, or people ive read their comments including some on here. best wishes miss shoemaker and if u have any questions facebook me. im happy to be a supporting friend. im proud to say how i feel if i have to tell some of these people on here they are wrong or trashy. to the ones who support miss shoemaker’s rights to breastfeed in public, thank you, and thank you to the ones who care. also people, i am a furniture installer, i travel to schools every week, if i see someone breast feeding a child in public —so what, u r caring, loving and feeding him/her–thanks for doing your job as a parent——–joshua g. junior, gainesville-fl [email protected]

  33. Liberty and Justiceforall says

    As a registered nurse, I could not agree MORE with all of the nicely stated and informative comments concerning the innumerable benefits
    of breastfeeding! I would encourage every mother to try to breastfeed their baby at the very LEAST 6 months, but hopefully, much longer! I THINK that everyone here now understands what Florida law allows concerning breastfeeding.

    Somewhere along the communication line, the excellent point of breastfeeding benefits to the child (which eventually benefits society) was lost on demanding the right to expose the breast.

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