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Milkies Breast Milk Jewelry Review

Days can feel like a lifetime as a breastfeeding mom. When things get rough we feel like our babies  will small forever and that we will be breastfeeding until the end of time. But one day you will look back and this will all be over. Your kids will be pulling on your shirt begging for that cool new gadget for their birthday or you’ll try to pick them up and realize that you can’t do it anymore. It might not seem like it now, as you lie here tired, another night of no sleep, sore nipples and secretly yearning for the day they finally wean. It sneaks up on you. 

Breastmilk jewelry has been on the scene for some years now and what we’ve learned is that it is not all created equal. Just like traditional jewelry it takes a combination of art and science to make truly unique and lasting pieces. It matters who is making your piece. You want someone you can trust and you can trust Milkies. I have built a relationship with Kasia, the creator of the jewelry at Milkies. She has created pieces for me. I am thrilled with the process, customer service and the result. 

The order process is simple. There is no confusion about what you will be receiving. The drop down menus allow you to customize your piece to every last detail. For example, if you choose a breastmilk pearl you are given options for the color of the settings, the shade of the pearl and engraving on a tag such as a phrase or even a graphic of your child’s artwork. You then choose if you’d like to add a lock of hair or umbilical cord. And finally you choose if you’d like to add color to the pearl or a birthstone. 

Milkies understands the concerns that you might have about shipping your breastmilk.  Many worry that they will never receive their piece or that their piece might be made with someone else’s breastmilk. Milkies follows rigorous procedures to catalogue and register each piece of your package. Your unique order number travels with your piece from the moment you order it, to it’s arrival at their laboratory for the preservation process, to the formation of your jewelry and back to your home. 

The website includes details on how to ship your breastmilk and how much breastmilk you need to send (which is just a few drops!). Kasia is located in Poland and you are given detailed instructions on how to deal with shipping and customs. It’s simple, I did it. Your milk will not “go bad” during the journey: remember that your milk is mostly water and has many antibacterial properties (which is why it’s so awesome!). It undergoes many stages of sterilizing and preservation before made into jewelry. Also, milk that is unsuitable for feeding your baby is perfectly suitable for being made into a keepsake. Shipping to Poland does not take along time, about 2 weeks. It is also not as expensive as you might fear at about $15 with USPS. The FAQ page answers many questions that people have about the process to set your mind at ease.

Including jewelry made from your breastmilk, you can also have a lock of hair or fragments of your umbilical cord or placenta added to your special piece. This is the most incredible souvenir of your breastfeeding journey (besides your child!) that you could possibly take along with you into the future. There will never be another piece of jewelry that is so unique and personal. Jewelry made from the magical milk that your body created to give life to your child! 

We can’t stop time from passing but we can take a piece of this time with us forever. With pieces such as the Tenderness Necklace, the Circle of Life earrings and the Hold Me Tight ring we will always have something to remember this time by and show off to the world as proudly as we do our children. 

Every weekend Milkies offers deep discounts of 15%, 25% and 40% off their selection. And each day of the week they offer another special discount or prize. Follow Milkies on Facebook to catch all of these deals and select your favorite piece of jewelry to immortalize your breastfeeding journey.