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Leche Libre: Breastfeeding Clothing Like You’ve Never Seen

Leche Libre

I drove to an apartment on the west side of Chicago to be photographed in a nursing dress by Leche Libre. My 2 sons and I poured in with our usual chaos. Andrea, the owner and designer, and I chatted while our kids played. She took out her camera and I got into her sample dress. I expected to smile and pose, but when I put the dress on and looked in the mirror, I realized I had found my badass uniform. It was like finding a piece of me that had fallen away.

Abby Theuring, The Badass Breastfeeder wearing Leche Libre.

Motherhood has been the most profound transition I’ve undergone in my life. It has challenged every insecurity, fear and flaw. It has taken me so far from where I have been that there are times when I hardly remember my life before. I thought becoming a mother meant I had to give up large parts of my former identity. “I’m a mom now, I guess I won’t wear those clothes anymore.” And my favorite clothes and shoes moved to the back of the closet as yoga pants and t-shirts moved forward. I felt silly putting on makeup in the morning when the only place I was going was the playground. I stopped doing my hair the way I like it. I thought that was all in the past now.

For many women our style, the way we choose to show ourselves to the world, is a way that we express ourselves. I had faded away with the idea that all of my energy was to go to my kids now, that energy spent on my appearance was selfish and being stolen from my kids. I don’t feel that way anymore.

How could I really teach my kids to be who they want to be when I was no longer doing things that made me happy and empowered? Who was I to encourage women to care for themselves and stand up for themselves when I had left half of me in a delivery room?

Abby Theuring, The Badass Breastfeeder wearing Leche Libre.

The empowerment that I found through breastfeeding has led me back to my true identity. I can feel my entire self coming together and I want to share it with the world. I want to express my inner self in ways that I love and I know I can do this while being a good mother.

Part of how I like to express myself is with clothing. I love clothes. I admit it. But the selection of nursing clothing out there leaves many women feeling left out. The majority of the clothing is soft and delicate. Those of us with an edgy style are left with few to no choices. Before kids I could find endless clothing, but most of them, no matter how I pull on them, do not provide easy access for breastfeeding. I am proud of my style and even more proud of breastfeeding. It’s time that we have clothing options that show just how punk rock motherhood can be.

Leche Libre has created a clothing line of urban breastfeeding apparel. Each piece has zippers down each breast for easy breastfeeding access and a unique edgy look. Transform each piece from sophisticated to professional to casual to street by adding jewelry, heels, boots, leggings and more of your favorite accessories.

Leche Libre breastfeeding apparel

Leche Libre is launching their Kickstarter campaign today with the goal of reaching $20,000. The three looks are The Little Black Breastfeeding Dress, The Zipper Tunic and The Nursing Sweatshirt. Together they represent a full wardrobe for a breastfeeding woman. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Leche Libre has already begun to make a name for themselves selling out of their first three sample production runs and they are being talked about by Forbes Magazine, Chicagoist and The Huffington Post.

I’m not knocking those yoga pants and t-shirts, they have gotten me through the best days of my life. But I’m ready to embrace my inner badass. How about you?

From home to office to formal events, the three versatile looks of the Leche Libre Kickstarter Collection will cover all your bases and allow easy breastfeeding wherever you might go in style. Please help us make Leche Libre a reality by giving to their campaign. Please visit their Kickstarter page here.