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Jenn’s Tandem Nursing Journey


“There I was pregnant, nursing my daughter, super anxious, excited, scared about nursing a new baby along with her. Will she be jealous? Will she wean? Will she still love me?

My son arrived a week ago, today and I could not have expected the amazing journey that I’ve started upon. When they nurse together or apart, I’m still and present and I’m right where I need to be. Getting the right tandem positions is still a challenge but just a logistical one. Our hearts are one. As my sweet baby girl pats her new baby brother’s back and I provide them both with nourishment, love, and comfort, I feel a warmth deep within me that can only be spiritual. God gifted me with this strong, capable, incredible machine of a body, a powerful work of art. I’m complete in knowing that I am what my babies need, but also I’m accomplishing something that makes me feel amazing as a woman. I’ve never felt so purposeful and just plain awesome. 😉

***Jenn Novak just began her tandem nursing journey and will be sharing her experiences with our community.