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Goodbye Num Nums

By Melody Griffith

Num Nums is leaving
I feel it everyday
Even though it’s time to go
A part of me wants you to stay

You comfort my sweet boy
When even Momma Can’t
Your stays are growing shorter
Your even missing naps

The only time I’m certain
I know you’ll come around
Is those random boo, boo moments
As well as night, night downs

Even when people snickered
Whenever you were around
I never was ashamed of you!
I looked up straight and proud!

We never will forget you
You’ve been right by our side
Through surgery and everything
A part of me just cried!

Whenever you finally leave us
I just want everyone to know
You really meant the world to us!
Helping 18 mths to grow

So far only one sniffle
You’ve kept him safe from harm
You’ve soothed, cared and comforted
Embracing him in my arms!

I really want to thank you
for caring for him so
Even when that sad time comes
the time you have to go!

Mommy & Gavin Love You Num Nums!