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Full Figure Ambassador & Model Search

You know who has the perfect body? You do. Your body is yours, it is completely unique and no matter how you feel about it, it is the perfect vessel through which you are experiencing this life with right now.

We constantly see the “perfect body,” “perfect breasts,” what nipples “should” look like; the media gets into our heads and conditions us into thinking that we are all supposed to one way.

Because we all have our own bodies that are as beautiful and unique as snowflakes, Rumina does not expect that one of its products will work for every body type. There would be outrage if Levis stopped carrying their full line of jean styles and forced every woman to fit into one style. It’s not realistic and they know it. Rumina knows that one style of pumping garment will not work for all women. They’re committed to developing multiple products so someday they’re able to fit a majority of women’s bodies types comfortably. This is why they’re developing the Full Figure Bra.

Once a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding her body goes through even more changes. Sometimes these changes are daily, even hourly. I’ve been known to look down at my own breasts and be surprised at how different they look from even a couple hours before. Sometimes one is bigger than the other, a nipple pointing out to the side, the areolas have grown and darkened, etc. The breasts of a mother are as unique to her and her situation as the rest of her body.

Rumina's Full Figure Ambassador and Model Search

We embrace the other pumping products on the market, but with many pumping tanks and bras out there the holes to insert the pumping flanges are directly in front like headlights on a car. Rumina pumping tanks and bras are unique. Moms insert the shield from the side and position it to her unique nipple location.

Whenever I have posted about nursing or pumping wear I hear from large busted women that the options for them are limited. Knowing how unique our bodies are we understand that for the full-figured woman there may not be any products that fit her comfortably. Rumina’s Full Figure Bra will be one of the first nursing and hands-free pumping bras on the market that will serve a size range from 38-44 D – H (this sizing is not yet final and might change for final production). It will be the first hands-free pumping bra for large busted women.

As another exciting first, Rumina is asking full figure breastfeeding moms who are fun and passionate about breastfeeding to enter Rumina’s Full Figure Bra Ambassador and Model Search. Rumina is looking for an amazing mom who will work with them during the last phases of development of the Full Figure Bra, talk with other moms in written blog posts and podcasts as well as be the model for the Full Figure Bra on all retail packaging, online stores and marketing material. The only requirement for entry is that the mom falls somewhere within the Full Figure Bra sizing chart. Rumina’s excited to launch its Full Figure Bra but even more thrilled to include moms in a unique and fun way. Entry form is below and we look forward to seeing all the beautiful moms who enter the Full Figure Ambassador & Model Search!