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Breastfeeding While on Active Duty Marine Corps

By Badass Cara


I breastfed my daughter while on active duty Marine Corps, actually working as a recruiter which yields 80-120 hour work weeks.During my brief 6 weeks home with her she was exclusively breastfed and when I returned to work I had no choice with the long hours to give her bottles. I used to BF her on one side and pump the other side so my body would get used to making extra so she would never run out. I had my pump in my government vehicle with me, I had plugs, batteries and vehicle plugs. I pumped in subways, cars, high school teacher lounges, my work, and once in the woods parked!

My daughter stopped acknowledging that my breasts had food in them around 6-7 months and started biting me because she did that with her bottle to get it to flow faster. I continued to pump for her every 3 hours, waking up in the night even when she wasn’t awake just to make extra.

Now, at work was an interesting story. Id have some higher ranking men comment on how much they respected me, some rolled their eyes that I got to take “breaks,” while others were downright unprofessional and sexist calling it “operation yoo-hoo.”

When I stopped pumping I had 3 months extra to continue giving her.