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Breastfeeding Is Hard Work

Sometimes people truly do not understand what we do all day. The house is a mess, we haven’t gotten dressed, we haven’t eaten and items on the to-do list are unmarked. People think we’re on vacation because we are not at a job or running errands or cleaning. They think we are eating Bonbons while watching soap operas (OK, maybe we are but only because we can’t get up.) 

After I had my first son I was texting with a friend who said I was “lucky” to have not gotten dressed that day. I felt so angry that she thought I was having some sort of spa day at home. 

Having a baby is CHAOS. Even when you’re sitting still your world is spinning. Being near the couch breastfeeding all day is serious, difficult business. It is hard work. You are working harder than most anyone else on the planet. You might feel guilty that things aren’t getting done. But push that garbage out of your head. The most important and difficult work know to humankind is getting done by you. You are growing a human at the most vulnerable and important time in their life. There is absolutely nothing that can be more important than that.