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Breastfeeding a 4-Year-Old is Normal

By Badass Katherine, Badass Breastfeeder of the Week: Week of 4-7-14

Some people think to be “badass” you have to breastfeed topless on a crowded bus or stand on your head or hold a gun. This could not be further from the truth. The word “badass” became a part of this very early on for me. It simply symbolizes doing things our way. Questioning authority, questioning norms, questioning the mainstream. To me “badass” means being open to new information and choosing what is right for your family despite what everyone else is doing. This week’s Badass of the Week represents this. She is doing things her way. It might look different than other families. It might not be what the majority is doing, but it is what works for her and her family. It is about being true to what feels right.

katherine Despite being nearly 4 years old, this one still wants his nursies. Esp at night and when he doesn't feel good... like today in this picture.

“Despite being nearly 4 years old, this one still wants his nursies. Especially at night and when he doesn’t feel good… like today in this picture.”


  1. Doing what feels like the best thing for your child no matter what others say or think is badass for sure! Keep it up 😀

  2. Love this pic… my little one is 16 months how do I send a pic?

  3. Just took the same pic yesterday (my girl is 2 now!) & this image just melted my heart <3 He is so precious! SO BADASS!! Feels fantastic to know so many keep it flowin'!

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