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Badass Dads: Breastfeeding and Adoption

A HUGE thank you to DADsquared for these images!! Breastfeeding doesn’t look the same way to every family.
Sometimes, it looks like THIS.
Dads using donor milk to provide adopted child with breastmilk.
My husband Simon and I are dads to an 8 month old boy born in March through a surrogate. Giving him breast milk was something we had always wanted and we were delighted when our surrogate said that she would be willing to pump for us. She lives in Pennsylvania and we live in Montreal, so each week she ships a box of frozen milk to us. She’s been doing it since our son was born and will stop on November 1st. That means she not only carried our child for nine months, but she also continued to be his sole or primary source of nourishment for another eight months. It’s simply unbelievable that someone would do this and we are incredibly grateful. Attached is a picture of Simon walking in the door with a 21 pound box of breast milk this afternoon. We have one more shipment left. Hopefully you can use this to show another side of breastfeeding. Our surrogate is certainly badass!



  1. Rachel carter says

    Do they have anyone set up to donate more milk so he can have breast milk past 8 months? Are they interested in getting another donor? Their surrogate definitely went above and beyond but is hate for it to end because the surrogate was finished. I have excess milk I can donate depending on shipping costs….I’m in sc. If they are interested please forward them my email

  2. SO AWESOME!!! What a gift you have given to your son! <3

  3. Way to go dads! Wish you all the best.
    Love from The Netherlands.

  4. Wow!!! This seriously brought tears to my eyes. How beautiful that they chose such an awesome start for their baby and how incredible that their surrogate was so willing to help! Yay daddies!!

  5. She is a superior soul, a huge badass human being. But you two, for being together, having a baby and thriving to give him the best you can, are badass too. Applause! What a story! Inspiring!

  6. This story is amazing. Surrogacy is a beautiful thing and I so glad for you guys. You have a beautiful family. <3

  7. So beautiful!! Got tears in my eyes. God bless your family!

  8. Absolutely wonderful!

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  10. Super Surrogate and super awesome family 🙂

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