About Me

My mission is to empower women and normalize attached, gentle parenting. I encourage mothers to connect to their instinctual voice because I believe that when women are truly connected to their instinctual voice they will always make the best decision for their babies even if that decision is not the most popular one.

So what qualifies me to advocate for you? I AM you! I am a new mom who was given an overload of inaccurate information and little support upon the birth of my son, Jack, in July 2011. It led to many complications with getting started with breastfeeding and making the transition to motherhood. This is a problem that is so easily avoided when people are given access to accurate and supportive information!

I advocate for breastfeeding and gentle parenting. I advocate by sharing my personal stories in my blog, sharing my opinions in videos on YouTube and sharing resources on my most treasured values such as natural childbirth, breastfeeding, gentle discipline, babywearing, co-sleeping and so much more on my Facebook page and Twitter. I believe that information is power and that parents need to take back the decision-making power from doctors, media and family. I believe that information is the most vital part of us returning to our instincts.

I recently added public speaker to my resume. I speak to groups of parents about nursing in public (NIP) and the importance of gaining the confidence to do this so that it can be normalized for society. My talks are grounded in the conviction that the foundation of civilization is mothers nurturing their children, and I try to inspire mothers to nurse in public not only to help increase breastfeeding rates (although that is so very important) but also because the simple act of seeing women in society breastfeeding promotes a gentler and more connected approach to parenting than can be seen in most mainstream outlets.

I did not set out to do what I do today here at The Badass Breastfeeder. As a social worker who worked for many years with abused and neglected teenagers I have always been compelled to advocate for the rights of children. When Jack was born I was faced with the decision of whether to return to work as a therapist at a residential facility. I had always been passionate about my work. It was my number one priority in life. But when I held my baby in my arms I realized that my priorities had changed. I had graduated with my Master’s degree in social work only 2 years before. However, as I struggled to get started with breastfeeding and learned more about the misinformation about breastfeeding and parenting in the mainstream I felt my passion shifting. I felt a new energy to reach out to mothers who were also struggling with breastfeeding and parenting issues. I decided not to return to my job and focused my newfound energy on sharing my family’s transformation from mainstream to gentle parenting in hopes to inspire and empower others.

Thank you for being here and taking part in the movement to take parenting back to where it belongs—to the pure and untainted hearts of parents.