Recommended Products by The Badass Breastfeeder

This page contains products I’ve actually used and love. The links below are affiliate links, which means I earn a very small commission on products you purchase through this page. This is an awesome way to support The Badass Breastfeeder blog!

Breast Pumps

The Ardo Calypso Double Plus breast pump is WHO Code Compliant, FDA approved and the quietest on the market. It has 64 settings so you can set it just right to get the best output. It also has the best warranty, 40 hours or 1 year, whichever works best for mom. That’s good news for exclusively pumping moms.


Car seats

The Diono Rainier and Clek Fllo are my favorite car seats. They both rear face up to 50lbs which is my number 1 priority in a car seat. The Fllo is the easiest seat to use that I have ever owned. The Rainier folds and even has straps for travel.


Carriers (baby)

The Lillebaby carrier is one of the most comfortable carriers I have ever used complete with lumbar support. The Moby was my go-to carrier in the newborn days. The NuRoo Pocket is a unique shirt to facilitate the much needed skin-to-skin after birth. The Tula is another ergonomically correct carrier, comfortable, with patterns to die for.


Carriers (Toddler)

Babywearing doesn’t stop at “baby.” But in order to maintain comfort for you and your little you’ll need a toddler carrier. The Lillebaby and Tula are my absolute favorites.


Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapering is a great way to save money, save the planet and avoid those chemicals in disposable diapers. I love Rumparooz for the double gusset and the endless patterns.


Hands free Pumping/Nursing Clothing

Being able to pump hands free could truly change your life and stress level. Rumina and The Dairy Fairy have comfortable and stylish pieces that won’t break the bank. These companies are always improving their lines and workign support pumping moms.



We have a humidifier on during the night year round at my house. There are great health and comfort benefits to moisturizing the air. Crane offers a ton of adorable options to customize the room.


Natural Mom/Baby Products

I prefer to use natural products, it just makes me feel more comfortable. These are some of my favorite items to support my breastfeeding journey, along with the best diaper cream ever by Motherlove and the sweetest smelling body wash you can buy by Earth mama Angel Baby.


Nursing Clothing

Momzelle, Latched Mama and Udderly Hot Mama all offer fantastic nursing clothing. They are stylish, affordable and great quality. I will never buy from one of those “big names” ever again. The pieces I own from these companies are now my favorite clothing and I’ll wear them when I am no longer nursing.


Nursing Covers

Some people think in order to be “badass” you have to nurse without a cover. The truth is that covering is totally up to you. You should breastfeed however you feel comfortable. If you are more comfortable breastfeeding with a cover then Bebe au Lait offers beautiful designs.



The Fisher Price Rock and Play is my number recommended baby item. I used it with both of my children, I give it as a gift to new parents and can’t say enough about it. It’s simply awesome for whenever you need to put baby down. To eat, sleep, shower, cook, whatever. It’s portable so baby is right there with you. The Arms Reach Co-Sleeper allows you to sleep right next to your baby facilitating easier nighttime breastfeeding, ability to monitor baby and a better night’s sleep.